Telecom Business Solutions

Wholesale Business Management
Interconnect & roaming billing, least cost routing & reconciliation.
Air Time Lending Solution
Emergency credit lending for Prepaid customers.
Handset Financing
All major Brands for Handsets with the best prices Globally.
Secure Communication Platform
Secure Voice, data, email and Video conversations for Corporate.

Billing & CRM Solutions
Order entry, product catalog, bill processing, invoice production and statement delivery .
IOT rollout & Applications
IOT operator and application builder for all sectors.
Resources Outsourcing
Charing, billing, Testing & Project resources.
License Optimization
Optimize your Oracle or Microsoft licence to reduce support fees.

Information Security

Intelligent Firewalls
Protect your network with smart firewalls.
Network Vulnerability Scanner
Assess your Network risks.
End Point Security
All network components are secure until last mile.
All network components are secure until last mile
Full visibility on all network activities.

DPI Solutions
Policy, Traffic management & Charging.
Data Recovery
Never loose your important data even on crises.
RDDOS Protection Services
Protect your traffic locally and international.

Banking Solutions

Business Analytics
Analyze your customer behavior, needs and configure promotions.
Data Integrity and Cleanup
Your data is your biggest asset. Organize and clean to use.
Application Testing
Trail your tools before commercialize and fine tune.

Data mapping, conversion and migration
Highly skilled resources to transfer your data securely.
Monitoring and Performance Tuning
Advanced applications to monitor performance.
Document & Archive Management
Transfer your legacy archive to electronic format.

Network Efficiency Solutions

Thermal Air Condition
Reduce power consumption up to 60%.
Battery Optimization
Double your battery life time with simple steps.
Hybrid/Solar Generators
Reduce fuel consumption and improve performance.

Network Monitoring & optimization
Optimize Network performance with GIS integration.
IOT rollout & Applications
IOT operator and application builder for all sectors.